Monday, 3 May 2010

Leonardo - dramatised lifestyle TV

Watched first 2 episodes of a recording of this TV show about the life of Leonardo. Really very interesting look at the wide ranging subjects of his knowledge. People tried out some of his inventions - tank, parachute, paraglider. They found that although they didn't work absolutely straight away with a little adjustment that it is feasible that Leonardo would have made if he had been testing his designs they worked well.

Shocking and rather sad to think he invented all these things 100s of years before anyone else but all his inventions were lost until after they had been created by others.

One other point that stood out was an example of the difference between tempera and oil painting. Someone painted the same blue and red cloak in both mediums, spending the same amount of time on each. It was a really good way of being able to see the brightness of the oils in comparison and how the detail could be built up differently. It explained much more clearly how this new medium would have revolutionised the painter's practice as they were able to have a whole range of shades on their palette at once and did not have to show tone by using crosshatching as with tempera.

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