Sunday, 16 May 2010

TO DO LIST - By May 21st - Unit 7

I've got myself terribly behind so think I will probably need to extend the target date for my next assignment but am going to see if I can catch up a bit over the next few weeks before I make any decisions.
I plan to get Unit 7 completed by the end of this week as I have made a good start but then got waylaid by finishing stuff off that I was selling (woo hoo!!!) and lots of going out as the Norfolk and Norwich festival is on at the moment.

  • Type up notes on visit to gallery
  • Annotation
  • Project 7 - Analysis of a mythical painting
  • Update blog with new books
  • Update blog with David Hockney book
  • Update blog with vids watched
  • Update blog with notes on exhibition visits - check if put drawing day at Cathedral in
  • Get folder sorted out with projects into the unit sections etc.

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