Monday, 21 June 2010

The Culture Show - RA Summer Exhibition

This one hour show looked at the 2010 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.  It showed all sorts of behind the scenes footage, had critics and commentators discussing the show plus much more.  I found it a really informative and insightful programme. 

The programme started by showing people queuing up to submit their work and spoke a bit about the background of the academy and the history of the Summer Exhibition.  The initial selection stage was then shown with 3 (rather tired and bored looking judges) looking at piece after piece and putting aside anything that stood out for them.  The presenter then went on to talk about  the selection process and had a look around the possible artworks (10,000!!!) and chose 4 pieces that he hoped would make it. 

To make it all feel more real and personal the artists behind the 4 chosen works were then interviewed and spoke a bit about their work and their background.  At the end of the show we got to see if their work had been selected (2 out of 4 had).

A tour of some of the works, chats with an artist curating a room, a look at the architectural section and a discussion with some critics about this year's show followed - all very interesting, will be looking our for more culture show specials in the future...

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