Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Project 9 - Select catalouge of prints

I'm really very unsure about what I should be doing for this project as can't find any information about what a catologue of prints would have inclulded. I have spent about an hour looking through my text book and searching the internet for ideas about how to tackle this and still none the wiser. Think I will talk to a couple of friends who have done art history in the past to see what they think and in the meantime jot down my ideas - maybe they're ok after all....

Devotional Prints

Suitable subjects would include
  • The Crucifixition - examples - The Raising of the Cross, The Three Crosses
  • Eden - Texamples - The Expulsion from Eden, The Fall of Man
  • Lives of the Saints - Joseph telling his Dream, The Stoning of St Stephen
  • Miracles - St Francis Xavier, Christ healing the Sick
Narrative and Allegorical Prints

Suitable subjects would include
  • Depictions of the Greek Gods - e.g Venus, Bacchus, Prometheus
(I get stuck knowing which stories come from the bible and which are allegorical as my knowledge of the bible is pretty poor)


To flatter the sitter dress them in fashionable, expensive clothes.  Light them well so they look at their best.  Include objects to symbolise their position or wealth. 

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