Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Reflections - Assignment 1

I am coming to this a bit late this time but better late than never....

I really enjoyed these first units building up to assignment 1.  I struggled with the amount of reading initially but now seem to have settled in to this and have found that reading up on the period in another 'lighter' book first means I have the background knowledge to tackle the main text book. 

I feel that I have learnt so much, particularly about architecture which I wasn't really expecting.  I can't go anywhere now without noticing and pointing out to myself the classical design features that are everywhere.  It has been so interesting finding out about changes in techniques and the purpose of art and how this effected what was produced.  The historical elements are really useful to put the art into context.

I feel that I have settled in to the course now and can more easily see how the rest of it fits together and how I will tackle it.  I am enjoying doing this blog as my learning log. As I've never done a learning log for art before I intend to use a paper version for my next course so I can compare the 2 experiences - I think there will be pros and cons to both so for future courses may do a bit of each. 

My favourite units were U 5 and 6 - the Renaissance.  It could be that I was starting to settle into the course by this point but I think it is also because more is known about the artists so they have become 'real people'.  I also personally really like the art of the time and find the course moves away from such a heavy emphasis on architecture towards paintings.  It was also the first time that any female artists were mentioned and I feel I would like to find out more about women who were creating in a male dominated world.

I was pleased with the feedback for the assignment and am glad I seem to be working well and on the right lines.  I followed up the comments and suggestions to improve and for further reading. 

I'm now really looking forward to completing assignment 2 and the rest. 

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