Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Additonal Reading and Viewing

I am going to create a list of any related books/leaflets/articles that I borrow, buy and read during the course, updating it as I go along.  I will also make notes on any TV programmes, videos, websites etc

John Boardman - Greek Art  Borrowed from College library, skimmed through this mainly looking at the images.

Andrew Graham-Dixon (ed) - Art - The Definitive Visual Guide  Bought after seeing another student's copy.  Like a massive dictionary with pictures of art, including techniques, v basic colour theory and chronology of styles/artists from ancient to modern.  I think this will be a useful 'quick read' throughout the course.  Seems to use simple language and offer a summary.  Only £18 on Amazon!

Surrey House - the magnificent heart of Aviva A small in-house publication about Surrey House (visited for Project 2) A good source of background knowledge about the history of the building, the design, materials used, art on display.

TV PROGRAMME - Mastercrafts - Stone masonry - whilst reading through C9 with lots of references to medievel Gothic cathedrals and churches I decided it would be a good idea to watch this show that I had recorded a while ago.  Got a good view of the interior of York Minster - was v pleased to be able to identify rib vaults and plan and rib tracery in the windows.  V interesting to see how buildings are continuously restored and rennovated.

TV PROGRAMME - Van Gogh in words (not sure of title) I happened to turn over and this had just started.  It was a dramatisation using letters to and from Van Gogh.  I found it a really interesting way to look at the background and meaning behind his paintings and has made me think I would like to read some collected letters or biographies of artists in the future.

Norwich Cathedral - guide to our local cathedral - I had thought it may be possible to visit and use some of the gothic additions for my visit for Unit 4 - however it is one of the most in tact Norman (Romanesque) cathedrals in Britain apparently so will just visit for my own personal pleasure.  Spent the day drawing in the grounds with some other OCA students this weekend (beginning of April)
Cathedral Church of St John the Baptist - Norwich - guide to our other local cathedral.  This is Victorian Gothic and I may visit for unit 4 but am currently planning on visiting Salle church which is medieval and I have been advised is a very good example of Perpendicular Gothic style (the later style).  I may still visit St John the Baptist as would be nice to see Gothic cathedral and also to compare medieval and Gothic styles. 

England's Thousand Best Churches - Simon Jenkins  - March 2010- My husband has a vast collection of books about churches as he is v interested in their architecture so he has been able to recommend a couple for me to read as background for visit for project 4. This had a lovely section on Salle church - v useful

The English Village Church - R J Brown - March 2010 With 14 entries in the index for Salle church this has been incredibly useful in planning for my visit.  Would recommend for anyone with an interest in village churches. 
Painting and Experience in Fifteenth Century Italy - Michael Baxandall  - April 2010(Borrowed from library) This is on the suggested additional reading list for the religion section.  At first glance it looked overwhelmingly dull!  But having read the introductory chapter I think I will skim through it as actually pretty interesting so far! UPDATE - Read most of this as found it really interesting, lots of info about how artists worked, how they were commissioned and paid and also symbolism of colours, movement etc in images.  Have put notes about it with notes on reading for unit 5. 

Michelangelo - Giles Neret - April 10
This book gives some more information about the life of Michelangelo but mostly has lots of good quality reproductions of his work and details of paintings.  Having already read the set book, Gombrich and watched the 2 DVDs for unit 7 there wasn't a huge amount of additional information but it was nice to skim read and find out a little more.

DVD Great Artists Titian - 16/05/10
I watched most of this episode (30 mins) with Tim Marlow looking at the work of Titian but it was a very poor recording.  Found it interesting to hear more about  Titian's life - not much that I hadn't read but nice to watch something like this that I have some prior knowledge about - one of the reasons I wanted to do the course! 

How to Read a Painting - Patrick De Rynck just got this so haven't used it much yet but thionking it will be pretty useful.  Seems to be looking at particular paintings rather than giving information that can be transferred but perhaps the info that you get about specific pictures e.g the symbolism of certain things can then be used when looking at pictures that aren't in the book.  I'm planning on using it this week when I complete project 7 (anyalsis of mythical painting) May 2010

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