Saturday, 6 March 2010

OCA Foundation Art & Design

I started this course in July 2009. I decided I'd like to do an art course on the Tuesday, found out about this one on Wednesday, read some reviews and thought about it a bit on Thursday then signed up and could start working on it by the start of the following week! I love the OCA - no hanging around! This is one of my first pictures from the mark making section. You cover the entire sheet in charcoal then use a rubber to draw the picture. Before starting I had no idea how this could possibly work but then really enjoyed the effect as I did it. I'm planning on using this technique again in the future as I think it is really effective and was pretty quick to do (I like working quickly!)

The next thing to try was the same still life but using ink. I was really disappointed with this when I finished it and the notes at the bottom express this - I decided I was rubbish with ink and would never go near it again....however, on looking at it again a few weeks later I decided I really quite liked it after all! Feels very fluid from using the ink and it forced me not to think too hard about what I was putting on the paper and just get on with it, very useful at the start of a course.

This was my very first painting - done after a lot of colour work e.g colour wheel, saturation and practice mixing. I really struggled with the window frame - straight lines are definately not my strong point. I got half way through before realising it was ridiculous of me to have tried to paint a glass decanter on my first attempt - but at least people can tell what it is (though a friend said "I've got an old decanter just like that all wonky" mine isn't wonky in real life!) I'm pretty chuffed with the lemon, the purple cloth and the table cloth. Wouldn't be able to repeat this compostition as I managed to drop the cream and blue jug from a great height this morning and it is currently residing in the wheelie bin!

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