Sunday, 7 March 2010

OCA Foundation Art & Design

Here are some images of work I have done on the Foundation course. 

This copy of a Van Gogh self portrait.  His head has come out too thin.  Otherwise I am pleased with it.  My tutor commented that I had used colour well and copied the fluidity and mirroring of colour e.g. the green from the jacket goes on to the cheekbones.  The eyes also have an air of the torture from the original.

This is my 3rd or 4th self portrait.  I was determined to smile for this one as I looked so very miserable in my previous attempts.  I used pen for this and think although it doesn't look exactly like me I have at least captured some of my cheerfulness.  As my tutor said perhaps I'd drunk a bit more of the wine in the background before starting on this one! 

My teenager has just come in to tell me it looks like I'd painted a monkey - cheers son!

Purple Portrait - I decided to try something in monochrome but didn't want to be held to black and white (especially as the pencil and pen portraits were b&w).  

I think the purple makes this really striking.  I'm pretty happy with the result and plan to do a monochrome series in ROYGBIV (rainbow obsession).  Might do the other members of the family if I can get them to sit still for long enough.

I created this for the graphic design unit - it is my poster to promote joy!  I planned it all out and put in pencil marks for the lines of text in the background and for the main phrase.  The background is basically a massive list of all sorts of things I like.  I'll need to make more as I keep thinking of more to include.  I've a few friends who have asked me to make them something similar but I will leave it a while as all that writing made my wrists sore (too used to typing these days)

Below is a detail of some of the background text.

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