Sunday, 28 March 2010

TO DO LIST - by April 3rd

Last To Do list helped keep me on track - I do love a listy!  Next one needs to be complete by 3rd April but will hopefully get some more stuff done too...

  • Paint pieces of wood for relief (Art and Design)
  • Glue pieces of wood for relief (Art and Design)
  • Read up on next piece of sculpture (3D) and buy materials (Art and Design)
  • Visit Surrey House taking photos, sketches and notes
  • Write report on Surrey House
  • Watch Romans DVD
  • Read Romans chapter in text book (prob about 7000 pages!)
  • Find and annotate Roman portrait
  • Collect Roman images
  • Install new printer for printing stuff
  • Update blog with notes on Roman DVD and reading
  • Find out what to do for drawing of classical figure sculpture and plan where and how
  • Keep blog up to date....
Hooray - it is the 3rd April and I have just updated blog with the notes on my sketches of figure sculptures - this to do list is done on to write the next one!

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