Monday, 22 March 2010

TO DO LIST - by March 28th

March 2010

I've got myself 5 sheets of paper and written all the projects, visits, anotations, postcards to collect and what is needed for each assignment - there is a huge amount to be done and this doesn't include the DVDs, text book and additional reading!!!  These are all pinned up in my cupboard to act as a reminder and also so I cross stuff off and see the course being completed. 

For the moment I need to break down my to do list weekly so it isn't quite so daunting...  I plan to keep updating this post/these posts regularly and crossing things off as I go. 

TO DO BY 28/03/2010
  • Annotation - vase, write down thoughts then find out more about it from books
  • Postcards - check if I've any suitable then research where to get them and buy more.  Going to follow advice on OCA forum and print out images from net as well as collecting postcards.  I'll collect where I can but the research into buying them looked like it was going to be difficult and expensive - Commons wiki site has loads of photographed images to use with details on copyright
  • Blog - update with lists! and notes on recent exhibition visits
  • Learning log - phone OCA to find out if OK to do purely online learning log for assessment - think I've covered this by checking out other peoples and checking in booklets - REMEMBER TO CITE SOURCES OF PHOTOS/IMAGES - AM CONCERNED ABOUT COPYRIGHT
  • Additional reading - skim through John Boardman - Greek Art (renew so available for rest of unit)
  • Additional reading - read introduction to Art - The Definitive Visual Guide - lots of notes on composition, media etc
  • Addtional reading - check Art - DVG - read anything on Greek Art that is included
  • Additional reading - revisit Gombrich chapter on Greeks
  • EMAILED AWAITING REPLY Talk to Keith - where should I visit?  Was thinking Surrey House but can he recommend somewhere better?

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