Monday, 17 May 2010

Bits and Bobs of exhibitions in Norwich

I've been in to a few small local exhibitions recently so thought I'd write some notes on here rather than about each one...

Churches on St Benedicts - there are 2 converted churches nearby which hold exhibitions.  One is more textiles and crafty with lots of bits to buy, the other more picture based.  There is a wide range of work in both, some which I really liked and was very inspiring and interesting, other bits I didn't find so appealing. This did however inspire me to thinking that there's no reason that I shouldn't have my stuff in exhibitions!

Assembly Rooms - I went to see the gallery space here as not visited in before and thought I would use it for my visit for unit 7.  I first looked at some photos by a son and father.  The pictures were on the whole quite nice but hung really badly!  A bit lopsided and the frames didn't suit them very well.  I wasn't that impressed.  I then went into another room of paintings and sculptures.  I think these may have been friends who had a room together as the works didn't really compliment each other at all. 

The Forum - Elements exhibition
This was a range of different work submitted by local artist on the theme of elements.  There was loads of different stuff and it was very interesting - I went round a few times but in the company of a toddler or a group of young people with learning difficulties so perhaps didn't give it my full attention.  Notable highlights for the toddler included an aligator made from wood and a willow giraffe.  My favourites were a saw covered in a beatuiful moaiscish effect of cracked glass, the winning piece which was a huge towering mound of plastic soldiers (i think it was called 10000 men) and a piece in the style of Monet's water lillies but made by stitching old plastic bags together.  From a distance it looked just like a painting it wasn't until you were much closer that you could see the bags.

The Forum - Open studios taster
I only had a very quick look around.  Again a vast range of different styles and pieces.  As in the church exhibition I found that I had definate preferences for some of the work and again felt that my own work would be at a displayable standard.  Plan to go and visit some of the open studios soon.

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