Monday, 17 May 2010

TO DO LIST - Unit 8 - by Friday 28th June

If I can get Unit 8 done by the 28th I think I'll be back on track to get Assignment 2 in by start of July...

  • Watch episode 9 - The Birth of Baroque
  • Read Chapter 13 - the 17C in Europe
  • Back up reading with Gombrich relevant chapters
  • Annotation - sculpture by Bernini or painting by Caravaggio or Poussion
  • Collect images  3 details fro decorative schemes PLUS 3 paintings
  • Project 8 - cardinal renovating Roman Palace
  • Have another go at accessing lives of painters e book
  • Put the artists onto artist page again as blinking firefox crashed
  • Write up some reflections on Assignment 1 - want to make sure learning log is 'right'
  • Start a new blog for other arty stuff

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