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Feedback Report - Assignment 2

Things to do are red
Notes about things to do/things done are green

Overall Comments
Updated postcard list: A good selection of cards covering Units 7 -12 which are listed under each Unit. Each one shows the title, artist, date, medium, size and location. This is a well presented list and is easy to add to (if you find new cards) and will develop with cards from  future assignments added onto it.
Annotated sheet : Unit 10. The Death of Murat (David) 1793. oil on canvas, Brussels, size noted.
A4 sheet with a coloured photo copy (cropped to be upright rather than horizontal). I wasn't aware of my mistake so will make sure I take more care in future.  Will check against other representations etc.  Which alters the compositional proportion of the painting – you could have drawn an analysis diagram of the composition and this is something to be thought about for future annotations. The composition of this painting is quite important as it is unusual for the time. You mention the light source (which in fact comes from the left side and the top) and this too could have been developed further. Colours – a dark palette mentioned.
The story behind the murder of Marat and all the objects within the painting are all well noted and you look into the symbolism of the ‘writer’s pen’ and how Marat was a journalist in the Revolution.
Annotated sheet: Unit 12. Starry night. (Van Gogh) 1889. New York
size, oil on canvas. A4 sheet with a good coloured reproduction. Very good description of the type of brushwork, and the quality and range of colours Van Gogh used to achieve the effect he wanted. Composition described and discussed - dark cypress tree used as an upright balance to the land. This traditional composition relates to the golden section and you could describe this in your Log book as it relates to many works of art. Read up on the golden section to find out more.  The landscapes around the asylum are very similar to this and were painted one after another in his last months. A good sheet.
Project 10. A house in Norwich,
A4 sheet with a pen drawing of the fa├žade of a Georgian house (home of an artist) with a floor plan on the bottom of the sheet.
The plan shows the ground floor with a hall and two rooms –alongside this you list which paintings will be in each room; you have marked lines on the walls of the rooms and put a cross in the hallway. It would have been very useful to put a number by each wall line which linked to a painting in your list. Also although not necessarily advised in the Unit it is a bonus mark to have a visual list of the paintings etc used as a second/third sheet. I feel this Unit is rather thin on visual presentation and the research you have carried out is therefore diminished.  I felt that there wasn't enough of this project but was unsure how to improve it - comments helpful but do feel I should have realised and done this anyway!
Assignment 2: Visit to Houghton Hall, Norfolk.
This 4 page document has a coloured print of the exterior on the front page. Set amongst the text on the other pages are sketches: – one of the fireplace in Stone Hall and also the main doorway there.
The description of the house is divided up into sections beginning with the general information about  the date (1722-35) and the fact that it was built for the considered first Prime Minister, Sir Robert Walpole. It has been lived in by one family since 1797 when the Walpole’s left. It is a large house of 106 rooms and mostly decorated in the Baroque style you explain. The furniture, sculptures, carvings and paintings still reflect the glory of the original building. I like the small cameos of descriptions of the plasterwork ceilings and carved fireplaces. The art collection reflects the wealth and tastes of the various generations of the owners you write. It would be good to have a few illustrations of the paintings and decoration (on the walls /ceilings) maybe from a catalogue as you mention that indoor photography was not allowed. Did not include photos from the brochure as unsure re copyright but have checked with tutor who says this would be OK in future. 
Excellent bibliography. A well set out piece of work.

Feedback on assignment
My overall impression of the collection of work I have seen here is good. However, there is room for improvement in Project 10 which is a little under developed. Also more personal critical judgement could be included with the Annotated sheet for Unit 10 and both annotations would benefit from diagrams showing the compositional structure of the paintings.  Will attempt to include in future annotations.
When work is assessed (if you want it to be) the areas that are focused on include knowledge (practical and cultural), skills, initiative, and judgement. Including these areas in each assignment and developing them is necessary to achieve a rounded set of work for formal assessment.

Learning logs/critical essays
Please make sure that your learning logs do have answers to questions you pose on worksheets and other sketches and photos.  Do this!

Suggested reading/viewing
Some books about composition in formal works of art –golden section etc.
 Golden Section - Also called Golden Mean, Golden Proportion, Divine Section etc.  Mathematical calculation to do with ratios which is used in many ways - thought to be aesthetically pleasing.  Geometrical anaylsis of classical and ancient buildings/monuments show that they fit the GS.  Used in size of canvases and composition of paintings.  Find out more and need to read a book about types of composition as my knowledge is lacking in this area.  
I obviously do not see any work except that which is sent to me for marking. Please ensure all other annotations and projects are not lacking in body/information.

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