Sunday, 15 August 2010

Unearthed exhibition

Unearthed exhibition at the Sainsbury centre (visit date 15/08/2010)

The exhibition holds many figures from Japan and Romania dating from 3000BC. Although geographically distant there were similarities between the cultures and between the figures found at both sites.

The exhibition made me think about the collective unconsciousness relating to both art and music. I find it incredibly interesting that cultures and communities, where the peoples would never have traveled and met each other, have produced art and music that is surprisingly similar.

The figures in the exhibition were small and the majority where of the female human form (breast mounds signified this). The Japanese figures are called Dogu. There are similarities between the figures in that they are of a similar range of sizes, where found in similar areas within the sites and are on the whole basic representations of humans.

Seeing the figures has made me think about the air drying clay I have sitting in my art cupboard and that I would maybe like to try to make some similar as some of them are so very beautiful.

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