Friday, 10 September 2010

Change of pace/change of plan...

I gave myself the summer off firstly because I'm pregnant and was worn out and sick when doing the last assignment so didn't really enjoy it and needed a break and secondly as I had an arts and crafts exhibition with friends so got ready for that. Although still keen to learn and finish the course I am no longer sure that I will go for assessment (might do - haven't really decided yet) and I am absolutely certain I won't finish in my original timescale. Had said I wanted to do the course in as close to 12 months as possible but change in circumstances mean I will give myself more time to do each assignment and probably a lot of time off from February!

I am also not sure if I am going to work towards a degree now - various contacts made whilst at the exhibition etc have got me thinking I may be better off spending the same amount of money on a wide range of short courses - for example I plan to take some machine embroidery and textiles classes before Christmas and could do all sorts of other things e.g ceramics, life drawing, printing etc etc etc over the next few years gaining more experience in different areas than I perhaps would with the degree.

I also sold some of my smaller things - cards and prints at the exhibition so set myself up an online shop  and am extremely chuffed to bits to have sold prints and a brooch after only 2 weeks.  I have no plans to be a great selling artist but if I can make bits and bobs and try out different things I'll be very happy!

My long term plan of hopefully one day teaching art I think could be as easily realised with short courses as with a degree what with already having one and teaching quals so will do some reflection and research during the rest of this course and make a decision about what will be best and most enjoyable in the long run.....

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