Monday, 5 April 2010


This is my own glossary in my own words - hopefully I won't make too many mistakes!

Allegorical - stories told symbolically rather than literally

Apse - semi circular bit poking out of a builiding - usually found in a church

Archaic - ancient, as in ancient Greek style before classical Greek

Capital - The bit at the top of a column.  Doric ones are very plain, Ionic bit more elaborate, Corinthiun very elaborate and ornamental

Chancel - top end of a church - has the choir and ambulatory in it - the inside of the apse (?)

Fresco - method of painting directly on to wet plaster.  Very long lasting as pigments become part of wall.  Had to be planned carefully as could only plaster what artist felt could get done before it dried.  

Gothic - Architectural style.  Medieval and Victorian revival.   Lots of Gothic features in churches due to Victorian updating.  Main features - slender columns, light and spacious, high ceilings, pointed arches, vaulted ceilings, flying buttresses (external supports)

Nave - Bit of a church with the pews and stuff - congregational area

Pointillism - short brush strokes/dots uniformly separated, not directional.  Each a pure colour, not mixed in palette but fuse optically when viewed from correct distance.  

Romanesque - Architectural style - approx 900 - 1200 ish.  Thick sturdy columns, thick walls, round arches etc  In England called Norman (think about style of Norwich cathedral and castle)

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