Monday, 5 April 2010

Project 1 - Part 1 and 2

Planning - have written out lists of annotations, postcards, projects, visits, reading & watching and assignments and stuck them into inside of kitchen cupboard.  Good visully reminder of what needs to be done.  Also nice to cross things off as I go along so can see how far I've come.

Emailed tutor re first assignment due date - I've suggested end of April.  (Now 5th and not sure if I'll quite make it but going to keep trying for it!)

Books - Buy Art and Artists dictionary.  Borrow other books as and when, buy anything I really like or find really useful.

Questions to ask about art -

Looking at it...
  • what is pictured?
  • what colours have been used?
  • how effective?
  • medium used?
  • where does light come from?
  • is it realistic?
Looking/find out...
  • artist?
  • size?
  • when was it created?
  • purpose?
  • does it depict an actual event?
  • is it imaginary?
To find out...
  • background info - when in artist's career?  historical connotations?
  • symbolism of items, people - might learn more about this as go along and do from looking?
  • hidden meanings
  • narratives

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