Monday, 5 April 2010

TO DO - Unit 4 - DO BY 16/04/10

Get this lot done by end of next week to be on track to submit Assignment 5 by end of the month (only 2 weeks left after this deadline!)

  • Finish reading Chapter 9 - Medieval Christendom
  • Watch DVD - 3 - A White Garment of Churches
  • Watch DVD - 4 - The Age of Gothic
  • Write up notes on DVD and book Do a sketch to show parts of churches and then put it with notes
  • Annotation - sculpture, tomb figure or a manuscript illumination
  • Collect postcards/images and update blog with details
  • Visit Norwich cathedrals (not sure how Gothic - check it out - Old one - Norman but with lots of Gothic features, new one modern gothic) VISITED SALLE CHURCH INSTEAD
  • Project 4 - write up the visit
  • Keep blog updated all round
  • Start glossarydo more to glossaary!

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